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I had a record earnings day on Friday, May 9 and found it so motivating I decided to share it here. Now please bear in mind this number is not a typical daily tally for me at all — it is far above my average day. But this past Friday, my net passive income for just one day — 24 hours — added up to:


I found that very encouraging, especially with earnings on eHow still off their high (though climbing back up). The big difference between that Friday and most other days of the month was a especially large sale through Commission Junction (

Actually, my Adsense earnings were low, I had no Amazon sales that day, and the number reflects my eBook sales net profit (after affiliates’ shares).  But even with those factors, it was a huge day. The great thing about diversifying residual income streams is that you really  have money coming in from multiple sources and don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Want to know what I did on Friday? I didn’t turn my computer on in the morning, but cleaned the house from top to bottom, had a girlfriend and her kids over and baked oatmeal raising cookies while our collective six kids played on the deck and we chatted. I didn’t even check email until the afternoon and took the day off from writing so I could do my grocery shopping in the afternoon. It wasn’t until Saturday that I checked and saw the amazing sale from the previous day.

You can do this, too, if you are willing to work hard up front and keep at it when you’d rather quit. It won’t happen overnight. It’s not like I posted a couple articles and  few links a week ago and earned nearly $500 in one day from small efforts. My residual income is built upon nearly two years’ dedication, hard work and perseverance. I kept at it while the money was only trickling in, I kept learning more and still do. And the work and sacrifice are paying off.

Looking for more encouragement when it comes to residual income? Check out Pat at Smart Passive Income Blog’s Monthly Report for April. And this is an oldie but goody if you haven’t seen it: Lindsay at Writing for Your Wealth makes $100,000 a year from Google Adsense.

So … what are your passive income goals? Are you happy with your progress? I’d love to hear your story in the comments!

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  • Russell (1 comments)

    Thanks for the motivation. I’m just getting started with passive income. I’ve had a taste of the possibilities through eHow and a Blogger blog, but now I’m ready to get more serious.

    My short term goal is to make $100 a month from eHow and $100 a month from Adsense. To meet that goal, I need to put more articles on eHow, and set up more niche sites. I may also write articles for InfoBarrel to boost my Adsense income.

    My long term goal is to make enough money to write full-time. I know it’s a long road, but if I stop procrastinating and get serious, I think it’s possible.

  • Michelle (2 comments)

    Hi Maria. I have your ebook and I’m doing well, for a newbie, at ehow. $5.80 in my first 3 weeks with 16 articles and less than 1000 page views. I even made $0.04 on a throwaway recipe article which cracks me up for some reason–maybe because it was about banana recipes.

    Anyway, I will be following your blog(s) and I did have a question…What are the future trends for ehow and niche blogging and how can we prepare? I keep hearing about new ad programs that show ads based on a person’s browsing history instead of the webpage topics. I smell change in the air and I’m bummed because I’m just getting started!


  • Do You Dave Ramsey? (1 comments)

    Wow, that’s a beautiful number… I’ve been blogging for a couple months and I’ve not earned that much in my entire experience. Granted our models are different… I’m not selling anyhting – YET… but it’s encouraging to know that the potential is out there.

    Thanks for sharing and motivating!


    Do You Dave Ramsey?’s last blog post..Bad Money Decisions

  • Maria (16 comments)

    Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re off to an excellent start — keep doing it week after week, month after month and you’ll see your numbers grow exponentially too!

    Dave, thanks for commenting. I just visited your blog and I’m a fan. I’m actually listening to Dave Ramsey right now and my DH and I took his Financial Peace University a couple summers ago. Our goal of getting out of debt has been a huge motivator for me to increase my online earnings. Affiliate marketing can work well with a variety of platforms, including blogs, and is a great way to diversify and increase online income.

  • Michael Henry (1 comments)

    Awesome post, Maria! I’ve been perusing your resources as well as other successful authors and it’s been very motivational. Thank you for sharing your hard work with the rest of us.

    Michael Henry’s last blog post..

  • Lynn (1 comments)

    Thanks Maria! I really needed to read this! I just started trying to make money from the internet in November and I know it takes awhile to make any real money, but it is really discouraging when people keep trying to convince you, you are wasting your time. I know I need to keep plugging along. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    Btw… I read somewhere that you got Pot Pie Girls One Week Marketing. Do you like it? Is it worth the money? I’m only asking because I have only made like $160 so far and I know my husband is going to question my sanity if I tell him I’m going to use a large portion of that on yet another e-book(s) to make money online. I would feel better about approaching him with it if I can say, “She tried it too and it is worth the money”. If you don’t want to give your recommendation one way or the other, I understand, but I was wondering.

    ~Lynn (aka Lynn W on eHow and eclecticeducation on Squidoo)

    Lynn’s last blog post..Clip Art Sites

  • DeAnna (1 comments)

    Wow – good for you. It is always encouraging hearing that someone is doing really good with their writing career. Hope you reach your goals. :)

    DeAnna’s last blog post..E-How and My Shameless Promotion of Myself

  • Virginia Allain (2 comments)

    I see from your experience that I need to diversify more. Lately I’ve gotten excited about self-publishing on Blurb. Since I enjoy arranging the content (text and photos), anything I make from those books will just be icing on the cake.

  • Melissa (1 comments)

    I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again, you are a constant source of motivation for me! My goal when I started on ehow was to pay off one bill…any bill. It could have been the $25 phone bill. Last month I earned more than $220 on ehow and only wrote 4 articles as I concentrate on

    My goal now is to pay off one month’s credit card bill ($1000+)…it seems a lofty goal but I’ll bet I can do it in a year or two. When I asked my husband if it was a realistic goal he said I should make a time limit even if it was “before Olivia (our nearly 1 year old) goes to college.” Gee thanks!

    Thanks, as always!

  • iWizard (2 comments)

    Hi Maria,

    I am new on writing online and I bought your ebook. I also sign-up for affiliate program. I have been reading your articles too, and it is great!!! I am learning a lot from you.


  • residual income mentor (2 comments)

    Maria – This is my second blog post I have read of yours. I would say post more often if you can find time! You are a good writer and very inspiring. It’s nice to hear from someone who has been there, and I think you inspire lots of folks.

    Way to go!

  • admin (1 comments)

    Wow! The experienced you have shared is really inspiring, especially for those who wanted to give up finding ways on how to earn passive income.

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